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We all know how hectic a Jewish home gets in the afternoon before Passover.


It doesn't make it any easier having to spend hours to burn your Chametz!

We observed how frustrated people have become as they struggle to get the fire going and exhaust endless efforts to maintain it's flames using lighter fluid, magazines, paper towel and cardboard!

So much effort has been exerted in maintaining the fire until all the Chametz was burned.

And so:

We set out on a mission.

No more stressful Erev Pesachs!

That's why we came out with the Tashbitu Mini Fire Logs.


The Goal:


A stress-free, quick and easy experience with burning the Chametz.

Tashbitu is committed to helping you remain calm and productive by providing mini fire logs designed to burn your Chametz quick and easy!


Tashbitu Mini Fire Logs will generate a safe and controlled fire.


It reduces anxiety.


It reduces workload.


And it enables for more productive time!




You can say goodbye to anxiety and say hello to the new calm you!

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