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Tashbitu Mini Fire Logs

Tashbitu Mini Fire Logs


Tashbitu mini fire logs are designed to ensure a stress-free, quick and easy experience with burning your Chametz. It reduces anxiety, workload, and enables for more productive time! 


Each pack includes 4 logs and a candle.


  • STRESS-FREE: No need for lighter fluid, newspapers or cardboard! 

  • RAPIDLY IGNITES: Within 2-4 minutes your fire will be raging!

  • LONG-BURNING: Each log maintains a consistent flame for about 20 min!

  • SAFE: Non-toxic, chemical-free and designed to burn in a controlled manner!

  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Although heavy rain will put out the fire, one match will bring it all back!

  • What's Included?

    1. 4 mini fire logs (each log burns for about 20 minutes).

    2. candle

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